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Italian reds are some of the most popular wines in the world. It serves as a great gift or party favor for the wine lover in your life, but it can be overwhelming to people who are not wine lovers. Stick to these 10 wines for any occasion to ensure your gift will be enjoyed and appreciated.

Barbera d’Asti

Barbera red grapes make delicious wines with soft tannin and a good bit of pleasing acidity. This wine is great for a party as it is usually well liked by across the board and pairs well with a lot of dishes.


This fizzy red is slightly bitter and pairs really well with antipasti. Take a bottle or two to your next outdoor dinner party as it is perfect to enjoy on a warm summer evening as the sun is setting.

Dolcetto d’Alba

This Piedmont red has a noticeable amount of tannin and has a great balance, like most wines out of Dolcetto. You can’t go wrong with this wine as a gift or as a house wine while you are entertaining guests.

Chianti Classico

The name of this wine refers to the historic growing area where it is made. It is a bit more refined than your average Chianti, and the flavors are a bit more bold.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

This juicy red highlights the flavor of the grape with soft tannin. Grab a few bottles and stop for a couple pizzas, as this is one of the most popular pizza wines in Italy.


Brunello is heralded as the wine of wines made with Sangiovese, and anyone who receives this wine will savor every sip. The longer this wine is aged, the better it gets.

Rosso di Montalcino

Rosso di Montalcino is a young wine that is usually bottled within the same year that it is produced. It is made from grapes grown in the same area as Brunello, but the aging process of the Brunello gives it a much different flavor profile.


This dry wine is packed with powerful, concentrated flavors. It is made with dried grapes from the Veneto region of Italy.


Arguably one of the best reds from Italy, this wine is from the Piedmont region and has a beautiful perfume with perfectly balanced flavors. Baresco should be reserved for special occasions.


The king of Italian red wines is Barolo. It is probably the most ageable wine of any from the country, and it exemplifies what can come out of a masterfully made wine that is aged for any amount of time.

The best way to truly understand what wines would be great gifts is to taste them yourself. By understanding what a wine tastes like, it will be much easier to give as a gift. This list should serve as a guide to get you started, but I encourage anyone who is new to buying wine to do plenty of tasting before you settle on your selection.