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Like many vintage spirits, whiskey is a beverage that is commonly enjoyed straight on the rocks, as top distilleries pride themselves on creating products with quality standalone flavor. However, while this approach is more than justified, it would be almost criminal to not try your whiskey in at least a few classic mixed drink variations that have solidified themselves forever in the annals of bar lore.

Here are a few of the best and most popular whiskey mixed drinks.


Whiskey Sour

Perhaps the best-known whiskey mixed drink of all time, the whiskey sour is as classic as it gets (its recorded history dates back to at least 1870). The drink can be made a variety of ways, but commonly consists of whiskey or bourbon, lemon juice, a hint of sugar, and, optionally, an egg white. It is usually garnished with a slice of lemon or similar citrus fruit. Enjoy the drink “straight up” or over ice


Irish Car Bomb

One of the more engaging mixed drinks one can order at the bar, the Irish Car Bomb is a brief, but delicious shot cocktail that is pretty unique in its serving arrangement alone. In reality, whiskey is one of drink’s smallest components, as it entails the dropping of a shot of Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream into a glass of Guinness stout. Then, the consumer must chug the drink quickly to prevent the cream from curdling (which is a truly disgusting scenario if you find yourself caught in it). If executed successfully, the drink will produce a rich, creamy flavor that balances the sweetness of the cream with the bitterness of the stout.



The Old-Fashioned more than lives up to its name, as it has endured as a popular whiskey drink since the early 1800s. It is made by combining bitters with muddling sugars and whiskey, topping the drink off with a citrus rind (commonly from an orange). If you have exhausted your go-to whiskey drinks of choice and want to throw things back a bit, order an Old-Fashioned and channel your inner Don Draper.


Rusty Nail

Though its name creates imagery that is far from appetizing, the Rusty Nail is actually flavorful whiskey cocktail made from Drambuie with Scotch whiskey. The great thing about the Rusty Nail is that it is very versatile in terms of preparation; it actually has several different variations that you can try based on your unique tastes. These alternative mixtures include the Rusty Ale (“in which a shot of Drambuie is added to any beer”) and the Railroad Spike (“often served at brunch and made with approximately four parts cold brew coffee to one part Drambuie in a tall glass over ice”).