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Everyone needs to get away now and then, and the beach stands a generally universal destination choice for a much-needed break from the working world. Something about the warm embrace of sand and the cooling whisper of an ocean breeze is consistently effective in terms of maximum relaxation.

If you have not gotten to the beach yet this summer, fear not — there is still time to scheme a getaway to the shore. Here are a few of the best locations in the world to plan a late summer beach trip.


Eagle Beach, Aruba

Aruba’s Eagle Beach is a quality beach destination for many reasons, but most travelers point to its wide shores and plentiful low-rise resorts as main reasons to visit. In fact, the beach has been named, on several occasions, as one of the best beaches in the entire world. The beach balances accessibility and accommodation better, perhaps, than any other beach you may be considering.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has been regarded as one of the Mediterranean area’s trendiest travel destinations, and this reputation stands for good reason. The beach not only has a thriving nightlife and restaurant scene, it also offers a variety of luxury beachfront hotels aimed at a high quality visiting experience. The historic town of Jaffa is often cited as a must-visit location within the city thanks to its accessible bar and restaurant offerings.


Charleston, South Carolina

As far as southern United States beaches go, few locations can compare to the beauty and convenient accommodation found in Charleston, South Carolina. The coastal city has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years thanks to the addition of several new luxury hotels, including the Dewberry and the Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort. These new accommodations complement the city’s rustic charm and impressive art and music scene.


Siesta Key, Florida

As its name implies, Florida’s Siesta Key is an ideal location to kick back for a relaxing nap in the ocean sun. Divided into four fairly intimate districts — Siesta Beach, Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach, and Siesta Key Village — the island is nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Roberts Bay. Its shopping and art scenes provide an alternative escape once you have spent enough time visiting its beautiful, scenic beaches.



Fiji’s name alone seems to have become synonymous with tropical beauty. Located in the Southern Pacific Ocean, the modest island country is, in fact, renowned for its nearly year-round beautiful temperatures (it rarely experiences extremes from either end of the temperature spectrum, and sits comfortably in a tropical marine climate). Pair this climate with a variety of cultural attractions and you are left with a truly incomparable travel experience.