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If you made a travel-related New Year’s resolution that has yet to be fulfilled, fear not — there is still plenty of time to book your next trip. However, with so many interesting and unique options out there, the process of settling on a destination can be extremely challenging (especially if you are indecisive by nature). Whether you are traveling to absorb new cultures, take in foreign landscapes, or simply bask in meditative relaxation, there are many destinations that can meet your unique desires.

To aid you in your selection, here are a few of 2017’s top travel locations.


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast stands as one of the most up-and-coming travel destinations in the world, with a constantly expanding bar, art, and restaurant scene. Travel and Leisure point to the Bullitt Hotel, the Seedhead art organization, Permit Room restaurant as notable visiting spots. Be sure to also check out the city’s nightlife scene, as it sports a variety of trendy and historic bar and club locations.



Finland’s scenic beauty is reason enough to visit it. With 40 national parks, 12 wilderness areas, and six national hiking areas, Finland is a perfect destination for those seeking peace and quiet in a variety of breathtaking environments. If you are lucky, you might even get to see northern lights illuminating the skies.



Since recovering from a financial crisis, Bermuda has risen once again as an ideal travel destination for “a new generation of travelers.” One big development has been the overhaul of the 132-year-old Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, which, according to Travel and Leisure, has been updated with revamped rooms to sport a “fresh, contemporary look.”


Banff, Canada

Canada consistently sticks out as a coveted travel destination due to the nearly unparalleled scenery of its wilderness. Banff, in particular offers “rugged peaks, meadowed valleys, and turquoise-blue lakes” perfect for hiking and horseback excursions. Pair these offerings with a variety of luxury accommodations and you are left with a destination comfortably in the middle of raw adventure and sophisticated relaxation.


Cape Town, South Africa

Though other locations on this list have been made famous by their landscapes and environments, Cape Town’s may stand as one of the most scenically beautiful. Combining a stunning mountainous backdrop with shimmering beaches, the city is a comprehensive sight to behold. However, beyond its surroundings, the city has also risen as a prominent art and design capital, with the recently opened Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art adding to this cultural drawing point.