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Gin originated as an herbal remedy during the Middle Ages, but it has since evolved into one of the “broadest categories of spirits,” with a wide variety of flavors, styles, and origin points. Today, gin has regained much of its vintage popularity, with many brands rising to household name status in liquor stores across the planet. The modern drink landscape has once again embraced this age-old beverage.

London in particular has developed a thriving gin scene in recent years, and this is thanks to a long list of trendy and welcoming bars and craft distilleries. Here are a few of the best locations to enjoy gin in London.


The Gin Bar at Holborn Dining Room

The gin bar really is THE gin bar for several reasons. For one, the bar’s gin variety is massive — with over 400 different types to choose from. Pair this stock with 27 different tonics and you are left with over 14,000 possible gin and tonic combinations. The bar is a must-visit location for any self-respecting gin fanatic exploring Holborn.


City of London Distillery

A relatively new gin artisan, the City of London Distillery first opened its doors in 2012. The bar and distillery offers a variety of international gin brands, as well as City of London dry gin, a favorite amongst its selection. Enjoy your drinks while observing the distillery’s large copper stills.


Graveney Gin

One of the trendier gin bars featured on this list, Graveney Gin is located in Tooting, an up and coming district nestled in south London. The owners of this charming bar and distillery offer “organic, handcrafted batch gin” made on site. The bar recently implemented a small frontmost bar area perfect for a refreshing gin and tonic on a high stool.


East London Liquor Company

You can find this small, but mighty distillery along the canal in east London. East London Liquor Company is known for providing gin cocktails using gin that is created on site, not to mention a nice variety of juniper drinks. The distillery is a great experience for gin lovers equally interested in both the drink itself and the process in which it is made.


The London Gin Club
Its name alone gives it appeal as a premiere gin drinking location, but the London Gin Club’s appearance may deceive you at first glance. The modest bar looks “just like a standard London pub.” However, spend a few minutes inside and you will quickly realize that this bar stands out from many of its counterparts. It has been described as a “1930s gin shrine,” sporting over 270 different bottles behind the bar and cocktail recipes dating back to the 1800s.