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Raffi Khorchidian, The best whiskey bars in London


Whiskey has become an increasingly popular alcohol selection in London, growing into more of an on-trend choice in recent years. This growth in popularity comes as no surprise, as whiskey can be enjoyed in a variety of pleasing ways and serves as a base for many great drink mixtures.

There are now many impressive whiskey bars in London. Here are some of the best locations currently in operation.


Black Rock

It is easy to tell if you have entered the Black Rock whiskey bar, as the bar is known for having “two ‘whisky rivers’ flowing through a huge 18 foot English oak tree trunk table.” This feature is incredibly unique, but the bar’s appeal does not stop there. The bar offers around 250 different flavors of whiskey and boasts an expansive whiskey-based cocktail menu.


The Britannia

Unlike Black Rock, the Britannia is very modest in appearance. However, do not let your initial impressions get the best of you — the bar is loaded with 130 different whiskeys all offered at a reasonable price. The bar also includes a noteworthy burger and beer menu, if you are in the mood for something different.


The Luggage Room

The Luggage Room boasts elegance and a classy design that evokes the aesthetic of the roaring 1920s. This hidden gem of a bar offers a wide variety of whiskey drinks, ranging in origin from Japan to the Scottish Highlands.


The Connaught

Sometimes known as the “World’s Best Bar,” the Connaught has gained quite a reputation over the years thanks to its 20s-style atmosphere and its large menu of whiskeys and cocktails. If you go to the Connaught, be sure to request a glass of its own Connaught Cask single malt, which it created through a partnership with the The Dalmore.


Bull in a China Shop

Though its name may bring a chaotic, violent scene to mind, Bull in a China Shop actually offers a relaxing Asian-inspired atmosphere complete with oriental decoration and warm lighting. The bar has an impressive list of nearly 100 Japanese and Scotch whiskies, as well as a mostly Asian food menu from which to locate a variety of pairing dishes.

For a change of selection, try the Nippon Express, a sake made from fresh oranges.