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Before we traveled on our honeymoon, our biggest concern was safety. What if something terrible happened to us in a foreign country? What if we got abducted? We were worried that nobody would notice we were missing until our faces appeared in news reports.

Being away from home can be frightening, especially for those with active imaginations. It’s also important to remember that there are people out there who are ready to prey on tourists.

Here are a few tips to help keep you safe while traveling.

Research Your Destination!

Before you leave for a new country, make sure that you thoroughly research the destination to ensure that you’re comfortable and safe. Doing so will allow you to feel more confident and make you aware of the various safety risks in the area.

Learn About Common Scams

You’ll likely come across people ready to scam you out of your money. Even though these individuals are usually obvious, plenty of skilled con artists are prepared to take advantage of you. A good research strategy can help protect you from getting tricked out of a lot of money.

Be Careful with Your Money

A lot of safety information suggests that carrying large amounts of money is not a good idea. Instead, establish an account with a credit card company or international bank. If you must withdraw large sums of money, you should leave the bulk of it in your hotel room and only carry a small amount for the day.

Use ATMs that are attached to banks, as these are less likely to be tampered with by thieves. Also, keep your money in multiple places to prevent it from being stolen.

Make Copies of Essential Documents

If your passport has been stolen while you’re traveling, you may need to get a replacement. A hard copy of your driver’s license and passport can be stored separately and easily accessible online.

You should also make copies of important documents such as a Power Of Attorney, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney. These are all fun legal documents that can be handy when making arrangements for a significant trip.

Emergency Info Availability

If you’re planning on traveling, you might not have the time to look up the details of the local emergency services or the nearest embassy. Having an emergency plan can help you keep track of all of the details of your trip. One of the easiest ways to keep track of this information is by using an app like Evernote.